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Great app! Get $5 as a thank you whenever you refer a friend to the Cash app and they send money using the app. Use my link here https://cash.me/app/QMKMRSJ

Cash App Sign Up

Cash App Sign Up


Hello and Welcome to the Shopping Incentive! We aim to give you an incentive to shop. By… posting the best sales and discounts in our local Grand Rapids area and around the world!

We post deals in Beauty supply, Health and Wellness, Online Shopping, Auto Parts, Electronics and much more.

Our site is under construction right now but for the latest sales and deals you can go to our blog.

Find the best places to eat with personal and family deals here https://www.bestfoodrecipereview.com/


Do you have a referral deal that you would like to share with someone around the country? Whether it is with Direct tv, Xfinity, a Cell phone company, etc.

Go to our sister site https://smartreferralsite.com/ and post your referral so you can get paid. While helping others to save money on products and services.