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Amazon Echo Music Feature
Amazon Echo Music Feature


Price $179 from Amazon To Purchase click here : Or For more detailed information and reviews.


We are living in the wide world of technology and the Amazon Echo is at the far reaches of this technology blitz . It is very fun, very fast pace , and for the most part very reasonable for most Americans to afford.

When I look at the Amazon Echo and see all the features I simply say wow. This is so amazing and so cool. I was posting this or my website viewers but I am going to purchase it just for fun. I love music and so does my son so this is my excuse to buy it 🙂

Plus I want to push my tech savvyness. I am not very techy so this will help me be more tech cool. I can ‘t wait to try it myself to give you a review and some videos of it.

Amazon echo $179
Amazon echo $179


These are the stores that sell the Amazon Echo.

Some of our favorite stores sell the Amazon Echo. For one reason or the other you might prefer to purchase the Amazon Echo from one of the above stores over another. But as I explain below there will not be much difference in your end price.

QVC is one of my favorite places to purchase from however. Because you usually can buy nice products like this without paying the full price upfront. Instead by paying a down payment than paying monthly you pay a little more but you get the product with some sweet add ons right way.



Amazon Echo Music Feature
Amazon Echo Music Feature

I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is when you purchase this product you will not be upset that you did not get it for the best price. The bad news is there are no place online that has really super prices for it that is lower than the $179 asking price on Amazon.

So everything is pretty much straight forward. If you like it than you buy it. Unless you have a special discount card or get points from one of the sellers above than that would be the only reason to pick one store over the other.

Of course every store has it ‘s sweet spot that and that is why we like to buy from one store over the other. But for this product that is the good and the bad as far as purchase price goes.

Amazon Echo AI Feature
Amazon Echo AI Feature


The only concern I really have about the Amazon Echo is what I might of heard a tech expert say. I only am concerned about the ability for someone to hack into your Echo and some how get information on you and your lifestyle. The information they find out could be as harmless as what kind of spaghetti sauce you like to something more nefarious like where you are going in your Uber.

Even worst they may find out that you are a bad tipper when you order Dominos. Other  than that I think the Amazon Echo is a great product to buy.


No you do not need the Echo. Most of the functions we already have in life and frankly our Cell phones , Tvs, and Computers do most of these things well or well enough. But it sure is cool to add on and have fun with.

Your life is not going to be any worst without it or better with it. But hey we are living in a very fun time so have a little fun splurge a little and try something different.

Having said all of that. I have not tried it yet. So we will see what I say when I actually purchase it lol.

I might have a different tune then.


Have you tried the Amazon Echo yet? What do you think? 

If not do you plan on buying one? Why or why not? 

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