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I have some great information that many people do not know about. I know how to save at Home Depot Online. I  have been shopping for years at a site that gives Home Depot coupons online .

I know we may have our disagreements about shopping. But one thing I think we all can agree on is Home Depot rocks! I love shopping at Home Depot and I am not even a handy person. A few years ago I owned my own lawn care company and I started shopping at Home Depot online.


I ordered online at the Home Depot website and then went to the store to pick up my order. So I paid not shipping fees. Let me show you why I ordered online. When you complete and Home Depot online order from this site http://www.shop.com you will get 2% cash back .

And let me tell you it adds up. I had to buy weedwackers, leaf blowers,  garbage bags, and other outdoor products for my projects from the Home Depot near me.

So I had a ball as a business owner. But I know that there are many people who do a lot of home projects and buy home hardware who would also rack up . Just my simply signing up as a preferred customers and shopping through my web-portal!

The extra cool thing is my web-portal has over 3000 stores. If you are not a Home Depot guy or gal than they have other Home decor stores to shop from as well.


Home Depot Return Policy

I also loved Home Depot Return policy was great. I had to return a few high priced items. And it felt good that they allowed the guy who was not that handy to return his $200 piece of equipment. For all I knew I just did not know how to work it. But thankfully I was able to return my power equipment and get something else that worked better for me.


I think the Home Depot employees are just great. I was shocked to see how many woman worked there and who were very knowledgeable. Too cool. People was always helpful to me when I had questions about what I actually needed for a job. Since when I started my lawn business I was very green. No pun intended 🙂 . Since I had only touched a lawn more on a regular basis when I started my business. And the times before lets just say they did not go well 🙂 .

In the military I was told to cut the lawn in front of my barracks. Well I did. Then my higher up came to me and chewed me out for how it looked. Lol.. Hey I was a city boy who was never asked to cut the lawn. I did not know what to do. Lol.

But I digress. I love Home Depot and I did a heck of a job in my Lawn Care business. And I am going to start a new business soon!!! Bigger and better baby.

And you better believe that I will be going back to Home Depot to stock up!


I love the atmosphere inside a Home Depot and in the parking lot. People are busy taking care of their prize positions their home or their businesses. Take me to the Castle!!!! I was so surprised to see so many women in Home Depot. Too cool that probably knew more than I did about a lot lol.


Home depot 110 ct Tall Kitchen bags
Home depot 110 ct Tall Kitchen bags

I have one major product recommendation for you at Home Depot. I purchased some Tall Kitchen bags for my home and they cost about $17 in 2014. They probably lasted me about 3 months. A household of 3 including a 2 year old who was using diapers. Ha ha.

Glad 110 Ct Tall Kitchen Bags for $15.97  . I love it!!







Speaking of great household buys that will save you a lot of money. This product is not found at Home Depot but I love it. While I am in the home recommendations. Snap Dish detergent. This product last my household of 3 about 9 weeks! And it really gets your dishes clean. Better than the stuff from the store.

Cost $12

Snap Dishwashing Liquid
Snap Dishwashing Liquid











How did I save so much money in my 1997 Chevy Astro van pushing around all of my equipment in the back. I got over 330 extra miles with Auto Works Fuel Enhancer. Which is more potent than a fuel injector cleaner. Find out more about it here. Cheaper per serving than many top brands and it works better. See the comparison here!

Auto Works Fuel Enhancer
Auto Works Fuel Enhancer

I also used it in my lawn more! It works in diesel and gas engines. Excellent!









So now you have the Home Depot hook up. And the home and business hook up!

Any questions or comments please let me know. Happy Shopping!





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