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Shopping Honey?

We list the top Black Friday and Cyber Monday TV deals across the web.

Note: This list was created in my own search for the best priced Super TV.

This post is a work in progress as we continue to add on the sales that we find.

So far our top Must Have Deal is This Toshiba 32 Inch Smart Fire TV Edition for $129 on Sale with Free Shipping


Black Friday Cyber Monday Tv deals Toshiba Smart Fire



Save money on the newest and hottest TV ‘s across the internet. Stores are slashing prices across the board and now is your chance to keep the bulk of your money in your pockets while still getting great products.


Black Friday Cyber Monday Vizio tv

VIZIO D-Series D24H-G9 – 24″ LED Smart TV – 720p at Best Buy Sale price $99 Regular Price $119

Jet.com has this product for $98 with cash back $1.96

Jet.com also has this product for $88 with cash back of $1.96

I have yet to be able to figure out what the difference is. I will see if I can find out that information.


Great Black Friday Cyber Monday TV Deals across the Web

Oh this is so much fun. It is that time of year again. Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are lighting up the eyes of consumers across the country and world. This post is to showcase the great TV deals that will save you money and make you and yours happy. Whether you are buying this television for yourself, your children, your mate or spouse.

Saving money on the best and newest televisions in the world will put a smile in your heart and a pep in your step.

So here goes. We list all the deals that we come across in our own search for the right TV!


Our Top Cyber Monday TV Deal Recommendations

The top TV deal that we have found so far is on Amazon via Best Buy. It is a 32-inch Toshiba Smart Fire TV. Although it also comes in 43,49,50,55 inches. The 32-inch variety is only $129. Down from $180. A savings of 28% on this super TV. The other size variety of this TV on sale is the 50-inch version. But I warn you that although there are a lot of great reviews of the bigger version. There seems to also be many verified purchasers who had problems with their TV that were deal breakers for them.

I have not purchased a new TV in a long time. So to read all the features on this television is unreal.

Mindboggling really. So I have had to get my mind around all the different things that you can do with it.

So let ‘s get back focused on the 32-inch version of this Toshiba Smart Fire TV.

Here are some features that is has

  • Full HD Smart TV
  • 1080p Picture Quality
  • Built in Fire TV
  • HULU, Netflix, Prime Video, HBO, Starz, and more Ready
  • Easy to Install, Plug it in, Connect to WiFi and Enjoy
  • Great Speed and Performance- Quad Core CPU aka Central processing Unit
  • Mulit core GPU aka Graphics Processing Unit
  • Play Music
  • Use Alexa
  • Voice Controls
  • Light weight
  • Watch Live TV
  • Stream Movies
  • Stream TV Episodes
  • 3HDMI Ports
  • Subscribes to PlayStation Vue
  • DirctTVNow
  • Cable TV Hookup Ready

Wow: That is only the beginning with these TV ‘s today. I am 41 and I feel like the old guy who says I just need to make phone calls with my phone when it comes to all of these things that you can do with televisions today. But I love it both. I would never say that about my smart phone because I love it.

Neither will I say that about our smart TV’s. I cannot wait to finally try one of these babies. The Toshiba Smart Fire TV looks like a great entry level Smart TV for people like me. Or a great base smart TV for the pros out there. As I have read many of the reviews of this product. There are many smart TV pros who simply love this product and say that it is the best TV they have ever purchased.


This product also comes with an offer of expert wall mounting for $79.

You don ‘t want your TV to fall off the wall in the middle of the playoffs I guess. Or in the middle of your toddlers favorite video.

My tv fell off the wall


So I guess that extra $79 might be a good investment for some of us. 🙂



Amazon Early Black Friday Deals

Amazon Early Black Friday Deals Selling Right Now! Deals are going Fast

Amazon is not waiting for Black Friday to bring down the prices and give out the deals. Catch a wide variety of unique , cool, and nice products that you come to expect from Amazon. From toys, to clothes, to electronics, to Bluetooth android products. There is a daily countdown and sale of discounted products.




Useful, Colorful, and Quality Kitchen Storage Products

I was looking for some quality , fun, and Colorful kitchen storage products and I came across these awesome products. I had heard of them for years but I never tried them until now. I was newly single and I needed to redo my whole apartment. I am glad that I decided to use these products. These storage units have helped me to save money on food. My food last longer!


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I recommend it! Sign up as a preferred customer and get discounted product if you purchase every month.

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New Amazon Echo Sale


New Amazon Echo Sale

Take your pick from these options of the New Amazon Echo! Add style, functionality and fun to your home with this cool addition to your home.



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Save at Macy’s via Shop.com : Discounts & Cash Back

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Home Depot Shop Online Pickup at store


Shop Home Depot and Save here! https://www.shop.com/CEDRICANDLAUREN/search/home+depot?credituser=R6664965

Home Depot 2% Cash Back on all purchases!!!

One of my favorite stores and the favorite stores of millions of people is Home Depot. Whether you are a small to medium size business , a homeowner, or just a guy or gal who likes to buy garbage bags in bulk at a great savings. Home Depot is one of the great treasures of America. Well Shop.com has made my Home Depot experience even better! I get 2% cash back when I shop at Home Depot when I shop online. I can pick it up at the store or have it shipped to my home or business.

25 Days of Deals: Shelving.com 12% Off

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25 Days of Deals: Shelving.com 12% Off

25 Days of Deals: Shelving.com 12% Off



25 Days of Deals: Shelving.com Save 12% Off with Code

What a joy it is to share the 25 days of Deals from my Shop.com site! Today we are sharing the Shelving.com 12% Off with our code. When you sign up as a Preferred customer you also get 4% cash back. Whether it is for home or your business. Shelving.com is ready to hook you up with the the right products to fit your needs and desires.

4% Cash Back at Shelving.com

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Shelving.com 12% Off site

Shelving.com 12% Off site

Amazon Sony LED 40




A collection and wide variety of brand new and certified refurbished tv ‘s . Find thousands of tvs that are just for you. Like this Sony 40 inch LED smart tv on sale for. Find these great tv ‘s and more on sale on Amazon.

You will also find plenty of reviews and information that will help you with your purchase.




Absolutely anything you can think of or ask for your cell phone including cool cases, chargers, blue tooth devices, screen savers, and much more!  Great deals form Amazon, Cellular Outfitters, Inspired Cases and more. We carry several mobile accessories companies with super bargain prices all here for you in one place!



Here we feature the top companies and bargains in cellular phone accessories with over 250,000 products. Bluetooth devices, phone cases, phone chargers, screen protectors, and much more. You will simply be a kid in the candy shop. You will be delighted and you will be very happy at the selection and prices.

You will look and feel cool with these products . Or you can add safety and convenience to your daily life in our all important Cell phone and tablet devices that we use so much each day. Whatever you are looking for we have it. Enjoy your shopping!



Inspired Cell Phone Cases

Inspired Cell Phone Cases

Here is a a link to InspiredCases.com . Inspired Cases has cell phone cases , posters, Silver, Charms, Bedroom wall papers, Sunglass shades and more! The products that they carry are very unique and cool. I like the prices and the shipping is only 99 cents per case.



Inspired Cases Police Case

Inspired Cases Police Case

Inspired Cases Bedroom Wallpapers

Inspired Cases Bedroom Wallpapers












I have signed up for emails from this company. Although I am not one of the people who are in their prime target list I love to get the emails because I love just seeing all the great prices. So if I did need something for them I would have the sells and product relationships that I really want.

So if you are a cell phone accessory person. You will be in hog heave. 🙂 .

They feature a 110% Best Price Guarantee so if you find a better price after purchasing their products then they will give you the difference.

And they have a 90 day Return Policy.



Shop CellularOutfitter.com!


What are some of your favorite places to buy Cell Phone Accessories. I will be sure to show case them if they are useful!